Featured App Friday: Google Classroom

by: A. Adler

The Google classroom app allows students and teachers to have an electronic agenda on their iPad. Within the app it shows you what you have for homework and organizes everything that you have due the next day. It is also very helpful for students/teachers because you can post a worksheet and then the students can attach on Notability and work on it. The best part of using this app is if you loose your agenda or don’t want to carry your agenda anymore then you will have Google classroom right on your iPad to know what you have for homework.

For Students

As a student I can go on my iPad and use Google classroom to know hat I have for homework or hat quizzes/tests I have coming. Another reason is that every student always gets sick once in the school year and doesn’t know what to do for homework, so if it happens you can go to Google classroom and find your homework right on the app and your worksheet.

For Teachers

This is very beneficial for the teachers because you can post assignments for student so they don’t forgot to do it for homework. Also helps the teachers not have to print out so many papers for students because then they can post the worksheet on the app and then the student can get the attachment on Google classroom worksheet on the iPad.

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