Featured App Friday: Google Docs

by A. Murphy

Google Doc is a basic app that allows you to type up documents. There are many other
features that can be used to edit your writing. The font and text size can be changed along with many other text options. The line spacing and alignment of paragraphs can be altered. Another thing that can be added in are pictures (either from your photos or camera) and tables with customizable rows and columns. You can choose to share the document with someone so they can edit it or comment it. From the app you can choose to print it, email it to someone, or open it in a new app.

For Students

For students, Google Docs has many uses. One of the main things students like myself use this app for is to type essays for subjects like English. Another use is taking notes which is used in almost all classes. Then your documents can be put into a folder in Google Drive which helps students stay organized.

For Teachers

Teachers can use Google Docs to type assignments and post them to Google Classroom for students to download and view. Teachers can also view students work on Google Docs if they share the document with them. Most teachers like this app because it’s an easy to use program that allows you to easily type homework.

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