Featured App Friday: Google Photos

by: P. Murphy

Google Photos is used for one main thing. It is not school related, but it does help with downloading school apps, and giving off more space for your iPad. What this app does, is it uploads all of your Photos into different folders in which you can name. After it uploads all of your photos, it saves them for easy access, and reliable safeness. You can always go back and check them out, things like that. After you upload them, you can delete all of your photos and save some room, also it is 100% free! I definitely recommend it!

For Teachers

This app is super beneficial for the students of Miscoe Hill School. It helps the get rid of many, photos. They can put them into Google photos, and you can always put them back into you camera if you need them, but you can also just view them from the app. It can have these students put it into an Album, movie, story, animation, or collage.

For Students

This app can be beneficial for the teachers, by giving the students more space for the apps they need. There photos may be taking up so much space, and with that space you could get the apps like IXL, Pearson E-text, Google classroom, or Quizlet. This is how it helps teachers, and students.

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