Featured App Friday: Notability

By: J Andrade


Notability, the app that might appeal to you or might not. This app contains the ability to give you organization options that fit you. There are dividers and subjects, this gives you the option to make your worksheets organized and easy to find. Notability attachments are easy to open up and share. The attachments are transferred from google drive to a word document or pdf. Sharing you worksheets couldn’t be easier there is a box with an arrow at the top left corner with many options to emailing it, opening into other apps or even air dropping it. Then you have the options of tools it goes from highlighters, drawing free hand, and text boxes. There is a wide variety of color options from light blue to dark blue. If you mess up there is no problem there is an eraser and a cutting tool to edit what you drew with the pencil. Then with the plus button in the top right corner you can add photos, web clips, stickers, and figures. If you don’t have enough space you can add as many pages as you need. Finally just for style they added wrench button in the top right corner so you can edit the color of your paper and the design. Notability gives you as many options so it can fit how you want your worksheets to look and how they are organized.

For Students

Student just like me love notability. It is reliable and is always working. Student who are all about organization will love this app as it makes everything easy to find. Text boxes are the fastest way to do you work instead of hand writing it. This will benefit students who are unorganized and struggle with hand writing. Students across the US enjoy this easy working app that will benefit them throughout their education.

For Teachers

Teachers won’t always know about all the technology. But notability isn’t confusing for them if they want to do the worksheet themselves all they have to do is put a text box in and type. For checking off homework they can scroll through the student iPad to check it it’s as simple as that. Teachers will find that they can email their worksheets as an answer key or even send out notes for studying. Teachers will have less stress and can have everything done quicker and easier with notability.

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