Organizational/General Tips

by Dev G.
  • Wake up and take a shower every morning to start your day feeling fresh.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast,it’s the most important meal of the day, since sleep is the longest time without any food, so we need that energy to start the day ready to learn!
  • Go to school and learn as much as you can to improve your knowledge
  • Eat a good,healthy snack that gives an extra bit of nutrition in your diet
  • Have a nutritious lunch with at least 2-3 vegetables,avoid too much oil, and try to eat whole grain instead of all-purpose flour 
  • When you get home from school, eat a small snack to give a slight boost in your day
  • Do all your homework first and then if you have time, do other activities like practicing for a sport or watching an episode of your favorite shows
  • Get a good nights sleep of about 8-9 hours to start your day feeling good the next day

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