AirPlay and Apple TV Tutorial

Step 1

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view the Control Center. Then, tap on the AirPlay button.

Step 2

If there are any compatible AirPlay devices, they will appear in the scroll menu. Tap on the name of the Apple TV you want to see your iPad/iPhone/iPod screen on. This name can be found in the “About” section of your Apple TV menu.

Step 3

Lastly, tap on the button that has the word “Mirroring” on it. A little switch should turn green, indicating that the screen is now being being mirrored on whatever you choose it to.

Step 4

To disconnect from Apple TV, swipe up to view the Control Center. Tap on the green switch to change it back to white. Then simply tap on the device you are using and whatever you are viewing will only be on the device you are on.

Step 5

These steps will help you master how to use AirPlay with Apple TV.

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