iCloud Photo Library Beta

With the latest update to iOS 8.1.2, Apple prompts you to upgrade to the “iCloud Photo Library (Beta)”. At first I was a bit leery (I take lots of pictures of my girls and don’t want to risk losing them) so I didn’t opt into this.  After reading an article about clearing out space on your iOS devices, I learned that this new beta can help you do that.  And, it automates picture and video uploads to iCloud, which is pretty sweet (Photo Stream only allows pictures to be automatically uploaded, and prior to the beta you could only automatically backup videos through a third party like Dropbox and Google Plus, and even then it wasn’t entirely automatic.)

So, I took the plunge and did it:

Once the iCloud Photo Library is switched on, you will see this:

Now, “Camera Roll” and “Photo Stream” are combined into one album in the photo app called “All Photos”.

Pretty sweet!  Obviously, because this is called a “Beta” you should be warned that there is the potential for some data loss, but I tried this on the various devices I own and use and it appears to be working as it should.  How has it worked for you?  Any glitches?

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